“I have worked with Gundrum & Associates for over 18 years. Gundrum & Associates set themselves apart from other recruiting firms by being more than just a paper pusher. Gundrum & Associates ethically represents their candidates while servicing their business clients by presenting qualified candidates matched for each position.”
-Claude L.
Vice President Human Resources

“It was impressive how Gundrum & Associates really functioned as an extension of our company, it felt like in-house recruitment. Gundrum & Associates took time to listen and understand both our needs and culture. We appreciate Gundrum & Associates comprehensive approach to understanding our job requirements and searching the market for appropriate candidates, they took the time necessary to find the right fit.”
-Ted H.
Vice President/GM

“Over the years, Gundrum & Associates has been a preferred provider in locating key talent for our organization. Due to recent economic conditions our organization was faced with the difficult decision of having to layoff key people within our professional staff. Because of our previous experience in working with Gundrum & Associates, we utilized their outplacement program as a way to assist these employees during transition. Although the decision to downsize was not easy, we have had positive feedback that Gundrum’s Outplacement Program has helped them in moving forward. We have found that Gundrum & Associates takes both a professional and personal interest in providing a high level of service regardless of the circumstances.”
-Dennis M.
Director of Human Resources

“I have worked with Gundrum & Associates on both sides of the hiring process for over twenty years. Gundrum & Associates make it their business to really understand and match-up the needs of the employer with the skills of the employee, better than any other organization I've worked with over the years. These efforts lead to a solid workforce with the capabilities you need to get the work done.”
-Steve M.
Director of Engineering

“In the past, I have been reluctant to use a search firm in our hiring process. Gundrum
& Associates has turned my perspective on the value that can come from the right
Search Firm. They do so much more for myself, as well as our company than looking for the convenient placement. They take the time to understand what I am looking for in candidates and whether I have an opening or not, they present me with the top talent available. These are the things that make the price of working with a search firm worth every penny.”
-Eric R.
Director of Engineering